Moving Right Along

So as of July 10th, it’s not looking like we are moving in on July 31st as expected. Although the crews are working hard and the following week more crews were expected. Electricians and plumbers and flooring OH MY! Even the excavator was expected to return after the rain we had that week. Some appliances were delivered as well.

AppliancesABT out of Illinois were awesome. They deliver all the way out to Madison. We thought we would have a little hickup but they were great to work with and got a great deal on our appliances. So much so, that we decided to go with higher quality appliances AND we were even able to purchase extra warranties all within budget.

Excavating of the final grade started

Plumbers and their puzzle of PVC piping

Flooring by Wickes Wood Flooring We went with LVP (luxury vinyl plank) due to having pets. They have an amazing brand called Cali that looks just like real wood floors. Texture and depth too. We went with long, wide planks and set them up length wise to create a longer look to the rooms.

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