1 Month Update…

With the carpenters at the house, a lot has been happening. The rooms full of wood piles, boxes and cabinets has dwindled and it’s really beginning to show some character. Troy, our builder, has been keeping in touch with me at least once a week to go through any issues, questions or updates. Troy has been amazing through all this. Very helpful. That is another thing that sets builders apart…the crew that works behind the scenes and in the forefront. James Craig Builders has LOT of experience behind each and every team member.
Cabinets getting installed so that they can get measured for countertops with Midwest Tops. Exterior doors were installed. Bookshelves were installed as well just to get taken down later on for staining. They have to make sure everything fits and that they have all the parts for everything before moving forward. This is a good time to make sure everything is what you expected and the time to make any simple changes or adjustments.
The airconditioner was installed as well and just in the nick of time as the temperatures were starting to rise. This is also the time to not be alarmed if there are windows and doors open even when the air is on. All we saw were dollar signs but this is normal practice and the air is needed for many reasons.
June 3rd – 5th

Measuring for the countertops. It’s an exact science.

More carpentry install

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