Nearing The Home Stretch

There is a lot still happening each week at Three Oaks Cottage. Carpentry, staining and tiling to name a few. We were supposed to have the fireplace stone installed but luckily I went to the house to capture pictures of the install as the stone was completely incorrect. Nothing like walking into a room full of hard working men with 1/3 of the work done only to find out that they have to take it all down. I felt so bad telling them that it was incorrect. If it was a nice alternative I would have gone with the flow and said ‘go ahead, keep going.’ But it wasn’t even close. It was pretty but not in our house. So the investigation was now in play and would soon find out all is well and we get our stone. The only hitch is that we have to keep the ball rolling on other things including the flooring which is not the best thing to have in when you have heavy scaffolding and stones to be installed. Our first real hiccup considering that we have already waited one month for the wrong stone. That set us back a bit but Troy will keep things moving along.

More stained trim


Good bye construction staircase, hello new staircase

Staining…this is some stinky s@#%. When I came to visit the house at lunch and got out of my truck (that I park 1/2 ways up the driveway) I could smell the fumes from the stain. A guy came out and told me NOT to go in. Trust me, I won’t! Those poor guys and ALL the staining they were doing in there. They deserved at least lunch from the Tuttles!

Grading was also being done while the circus was going on.

Flooring by Wicks Wood Flooring. We went with Cali Luxury Vinyl Planks and boy are we glad we did. Durable and waterproof/resistant. Great for having pets! Everyone is raving about it at the house and if they didn’t know better, looked like hard wood.

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