Lots Happening!

On May 15th the wood to be used through out the house for trim and such was stained.

On Tuesday, May 19th the tile was delivered and patterns set up for the installer.

May 20th, there were some deliveries and the concrete for the patio got poured. That was awesome! There were clearly some hurtles for the Coello & Associates crew but they brought the boom back to be able to pour the patio as there would have been no other way of getting back there. The next challenge for them was to put the joints in and brush it out. They were up to the challenge and Roberto got the crew going and knocked it out. We were even able to put our hand prints in the patio. Check out Coello’s Facebook page as they posted aerial shots of the project on May 27, 2020.

Friday, May 22 was a big day for a few things. We were able to walk on said patio and our cabinets also got delivered by Amish Custom Made, LLC. Stacey and Chris made the delivery along with two young Amish men. It was exciting to see one piece after another being brought in. The drawings we had looked at have come to life and what an amazing job Amish Custom Made did. Stacey was our go to person and she was AMAZING!! Loved talking with her over the phone to get exactly what we wanted. We are looking forward to going out there to see Jonas, the designer, and where our cabinets were built. The invite from Chris and Stacey was very much appreciated.

The first steps onto the patio were awesome! All those times hoisting ourselves up into the house and the jumps down were finally over. A nice clean easy walk-out to the patio was a dream.

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