Color Me Happy!

On May 11th the painting started on the exterior of the house and the ceilings inside. So exciting to see the house come alive. I kind of missed the Hardy Plank green siding. When I first drove up I was excited. We made our color choices back in 2018 and although we had the color samples, it’s nothing compared to actually seeing them utilized on the house. Only two of the three colors were up but was a difference it made. As I looked at the house while eating my lunch in the car I suddenly had a sinking feeling in my stomach and it wasn’t from lunch. What did we do?! Did we really pick those colors??! Ughhhh! Not what I had pictured in my head! Take a moment, sit back and wait until more is done. Hopefully it will look better. I had to call our designer extraordinaire, Brenda, the next morning as I just wanted to cry. She talked me down and reiterated what I was telling myself, but then come to find out that the cedar that was supposed to go in the peaks was taken out and composite louvers were put in which means no wood accent except the cedar, end beam look under them. We were disappointed not only in the look but that a decision was made without us being aware.
One thing to remember about building a home, sometimes you will have to make concessions for the better good. Let the builder explain everything so you can make the choice that works best for the house. You shouldn’t ‘settle’ on something. This is YOUR home and YOU have to live in it and with the decisions you make. Although disappointed, I felt the choice that was made was for the better good and I really didn’t feel like I just settled. The painter, John, with JT Painting was amazing and had his team paint us options for the peak. Who does that!?! So nice of them to do that so that we could make an informed decision that we would be happy with. Thank god my landscaping friend was there to give an extra opinion. ‘Let’s go with the dark Fox.’ Unanimous vote. And it looks really sharp!

May 11 & 12 ~ Exterior

May 13th
Color starting going up again inside as well as the outside. We went with very neutral, mushroom like colors. Colors that would morph depending on the light but in a good way.

May 14th (Rain all day so interior time)

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