Patio With A View

So the star of the show is truly our patio. When you drive up to the house, don’t expect to see it. The patio, is in its full glory, looks out over acres of wet land conservancy and a 100 year flood plane in the back of the house (which is really the front). Every time we stand on our new patio, we can’t believe what we will get to wake up to every day. The patio was one of the features of the original plans that could not be changed. Added to, yes, but nothing to be taken away. Coello and Associates really had a challenge on their hands but they did an amazing job. They even posted it on their Facebook page along with our unique foundation.

Harold E. Arndt Masonry placed each individual stone from Halquist Stone Company, to create the gorgeous patio facade. Chipping away at each stone to create the perfect fit of one stone into another. I could have sat and watched them all day. They were tossing around the large stones like they were foam. I went to pick one up and felt like I was picking up a lead weight.

Once they had the facade complete they started on the pillar bases. They create the character of the Three Oaks Cottage.

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