Progress at the homestead..

Things have been coming along quite nice…weather permitting. With multiple snow falls, we had to contact a company that would specifically do a gravel driveway as most plowing companies don’t want to work on gravel as it dings up and dulls their plow blades. Something to keep in mind when signing the building contract is that if you live in an area that gets all the seasons, discuss how things work during rain, snow and sleet. We forgot that we were responsible for snow removal and frantically had to find someone.
The Hardy Plank siding has been going up. They start with the trim and then go to the siding. Ours will be painted in the spring. We unfortunately have not been able to visit the house to get pictures of them putting it up but we at least get to see the progress.

Since we now have electric and gas, they hooked up our furnace and hung it from the rafters in our basement so that concrete could get poured. Things need to dry out so we have the hanging furnace and a heater in the garage as well.

What may seem to be something very basic suddenly becomes almost emotional that it is actually there…our first stoop with stairs up to the house. We have only had access to the doors via a makeshift box or hoisting ourselves through the door. We now have our first set of stairs to the house and what a site to behold and actually use! Not sure why that was such a big deal but it was and still is.

Within the next few weeks, the concrete will be poured for the garage and the other East side stoop (going to mudroom). Then once the siding is up they will insulate and then drywall. More to come. Stay tuned for more.

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