It’s Electrifying!

So things have been moving slowly now as we needed to wait for WeEnergies to bring in the utilities. Once that gets brought in and hooked up…WE WILL HAVE ELECTRICITY!!! Which means the ball will start rolling again.
Well, on January 28th I took my lunch break to see if anything was happening at the house and low and behold…there was a WeEnergy truck and the road side was blocked off. I have never been so excited to see the WeEnergies logo on a truck in my life.

On January 29th the rest of the crew showed and started trenching and bringing the lines in, electrical box placed, gas hooked up and electrical brought to the box and then to the house.

By February 3rd they were all done and now we just needed the next and final team to come in and tie the electrical in so that we will have POWER! I can’t wait to plug something in the next time we visit the house!

The utilities have taken the longest to get scheduled and completed. I get it, very busy, everyone needs electric and gas. But wish the process could have been a little quicker in the beginning so that the construction crews could have been in the house earlier to start getting things done to keep up the momentum. Not to mention to avoid the extra cost to WeEnergies for winter construction. The entire building process takes patience and trust. So far so good. Let the next phase begin! It’s ELECTRIFYING!!

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