Those extra things…

We stopped by the house this weekend (1/5/2020) to figure out measurements for two niches that we want incorporated into the wall at the entrance and the bedroom entrance to protect the artwork that we plan to put up in them. While there, we noticed more electrical work and plumbing were done as well. I took my first step in the basement as well. What a feeling as a I touched gravel. Sounds corny but all those days with the basement out of reach and untouchable, I was able to explore and listen to the echos of our ‘Basement’.

One small step for man, one giant leap for the Tuttles.

While there, we decided to leave a few blessings behind. Never to be seen again after the drywall goes up later this spring. They will forever be present though and blessing those that visit and live there.

One thing I try to remember as I take pictures is to not only record the progress but to take pictures that we can refer back to should we decide a long way down the road to change something or have to fix something. Don’t forget this part. Where the plumbing is behind a wall, where ALL those wires go, the duct work directions, etc.

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