Winter Update

On November 18th, we sat down and met with the new cabinetry company of Amish Custom Made. I didn’t take any pictures during our meeting as I wanted to respect their culture. Jonas and Chester were super nice. Stacey (super sweet and very creative) is their main point of communication. Chester and Jonas were the woodworkers that are working on our project. Very knowledgable young men with great ideas. They don’t use any computers so everything was drawn out which just seems RIGHT. So nice to see what seems to be a lost art. A lot of the items were already gone over with the first cabinetry company. Now we just need their drawings to start the process again. We went over all possibilities to see what they can do for us. We were able to add a few surprise items and some really nice pieces throughout.

On November 26th I went to visit the house at lunch and noticed that we now had a front door! On December 8th we had a fireplace!

A lot of non-super obvious things have been going on since November. Once we got the roof shingles on, we were able to get the HVAC, electric and plumbing started. This is also when WeEnergies is able to start their long process of getting our utilities (gas & electric) lined up for install. Interstate Heating Co., INC, Schroeder Plumbing Company, INC and A&J Electrical Contractors are the current occupants of the house. Teams of men working together to get our house set up with necessities.

And this box! Love their quote on the bottom edge of the box.
“You’ll swear by our products…not at them”

We had our electrical rough walkthrough with Justin at A&J Electrical Contractors on December 21st. Going through all the details of each room. Electrical outlets and where we wanted them, electrical outlets in the garage including an electric car charging station for future use, outdoor outlets, outdoor flood lamps, puck lights, cans and eyeball cans. The Great Room will be the biggest challenge with its vaulted ceilings. We are thinking eyeball cans so the lights can be directed as opposed to putting regular, stationary can lights in that will only shine to the opposite sides of the room. We went through ALL possibilities including where we wanted the light switches for all the lights. That is a tough one especially since we would like to have motion censored lights outside and where we want the main switch to be in case we don’t want the lights on at all. Like maybe to have off when we want to light fireworks (if that was legal to do).

Be sure when you have this rough walk through for electrical that you go through all the ideas you have and even the wish list. This is the time to at least get the wiring set up for it all and then decide later if/when you want to go ahead with those ideas.

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