Selections – Hardware

The next and final selection stop was at Neus Hardware Gallery. Holy buckets the selections. Luckily we have a budget and were shown the area that we should stay within for both quality and price. Brenda was extremely helpful with this as we knew of only 1 handle that we wanted to incorporate in the kitchen. Having a designer that works for your builder is priceless. They will keep you on track and make sure your not picking out anything that won’t match with the everything else you have picked out.

Picking out hardware may seem like a basic thing that you don’t really have to worry about but on the contrary my friend. Hardware can add an accent, it can give something more character, it keeps your house secure (entry door choices) and shows off the style you want your house to be. So take your time with this. Especially what you want on your exterior doors. We wanted secure and bluetooth capable and we found choices. Not in budget, but worth it to us.

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