Selections – Lighting / Fans

Next stop on August 16th was Elektra for lighting and ceiling fans. Luckily we had our Pinterest lighting board, so we knew the looks we were going for. However, this is what we walked into…

Not a bad thing but a little overwhelming. We showed Becky (the Vice President at Elektra) and Brenda our thoughts from our Pinterest board and went from there. Becky went down a list of what we needed in each room and for the exterior. We then went to each section in the showroom to pick out ideas that she could then go to her trusty books and find exact and/or similar light fixtures. That was so helpful! There are SO MANY light fixtures out there, it would be too much to look at ALL of them. So finding what we liked and going from there worked perfect for us. Becky would pull other styles from books to get us closer to what we seemed to really be looking for.

This was just the preliminary selection. They mentioned, and I also read, that lighting is something you usually go over budget with, so make selections and go from there.

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