Selections – Counter Tops

Another day of fun with Brenda on August 16th with the hubby and our tub -o-samples. You will find that having a tub to put all your samples in may be a good idea. We had some full size tiles that we need to tote around with us for other selection meetings. It is also good to have a bag that you can put your binder in, full size house plans, pens, brochures and maybe even a necessity bag with a few snack bars, ibuprofen, lotion, etc. Helps when you have a full day of selections and running around from place to place.

We started with counter tops at Midwest Tops in Milwaukee. This is when bringing your tub-o-samples with is needed. Mixing and matching different counter tops with your tile and wood stain selection (or options in our case, as we hadn’t pick one yet) to find what you really like. Jeff with Midwest Tops was assigned to us for our meeting. We got our questions answered about the difference and durability of each product (granite vs quartz) and the different looks you can get with both.

Our next homework assignment, as it gets closer to end of Fall, is to check out locations that have the actual stone and see what we like. There are tiers of stones as well that we have to remember to stay within for budget. There is also the possibility of remnants to use in the powder room or catch area in the master bedroom. I can see this being the area that we go WAY OVER budget.

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