Foundation Walls – August

August 1 -2 Coello and Associates, INC worked on putting up the forms for the walls to poured. Clearly the foundation is the most critical aspect of the home but James Craig Builders takes the extra mile in making sure that it is solid.

A friend of ours is in construction and does this for business buildings and I showed him a picture of our foundation as I knew he would think it was probably pretty cool. He mentioned a few things that didn’t seem quite right but then again, he said he didn’t work residential so how they do things might be different. So I asked Dave, our construction manager. He was very nice about explaining code and the difference which was very interesting for both us and our friend. Learn something new every day. So don’t hesitate to ask questions about what is happening on your build site. The more knowledge you have will put your mind at ease. A good builder will do that too.

Coello and Associates, INC returned on August 5th to poor the specially made concrete that James Craig Builders uses for their foundation walls. It was cool to watch! There were concrete trucks waiting on the road and two next to the foundation dumping the concrete onto a conveyor belt that lead onto a long boom where is went down into a wide, rubber like hose to fill the forms. Lots of guys working on this! And it was HOT!

Once the concrete is poured into the molds it sets overnight and then the forms are taken off. We have a basement! The inside part of the forms have a pattern on one side to look like brick. It is a nice feature if you aren’t planning on finishing the basement anytime soon. Leaves a finished look.

Next comes the waterproofing by Horizon Basement Finishing Systems. I thought there was going to be plastic, foam sheets and tar. All they need to seal the house is a base run of foam sheets and some of the walls with full sheets. Once that is complete, you wait for the inspection which can take a little while. Hard to be patient once this happens as things have been moving right along. Backfill is next.

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