The Foundation – July 30th

Things were happening fast at this point in construction and we didn’t want to waste a minute to see all the action. This is when I almost felt obsessed about going to the land EVERY DAY to check on the progress. And I did. It’s not a bad thing unless you have to know EVERYTHING that is going on. And I did. I apologized to the builder and construction manager about all my questions but I was curious and they totally understood this. Did I mention I LOVE JAMES CRAIG BUILDERS??!! It’s such an exciting time to see the foundation of your dream home, especially after a few years of trying to make it all happen.

July 30th – Builders Stone put down to create the actual driveway, footing and column areas dug out. I was worried about the standing water in the footing holes but this is ok. ‘While excavating, perched water that is trapped in the surrounding soil now has somewhere to go. This is totally normal.’ Dave has been very patient with my questions and curiosity and he knows how to explain this stuff in layman’s terms. With what our property consists of, I figured there would be water somewhere and it was so clear.

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