It’s Happening!

Right after the move on June 25th, we went to Colorado for a family reunion. It was perfect timing as we really needed to get away from the stress. A lot goes on when you sell a house, have to move within a month and thoughts of starting your dream home. Lot’s of emotions. Thank you family and Colorado for that lovely reboot.

When we got back we hit the ground running with work and getting things ready at the land for ground breaking. We had to contact Bark River Tree Service again as we needed a path for utilities and the sanitary system along with widening the path of the driveway and removing a few trees that were in the path of the drive. But even before that, the black, silt fence was put up. For some reason, that was very exciting to see along with the outhouse being set up. To us, that meant that things were getting real.

On July 22nd Bark River was at the property clearing things out.

On July 25th they delivered the Port A Pot.

S@#%$ gettin’ real!

On July 26th WE BROKE GROUND!!! We were so happy coming around the corner of our driveway and seeing that they dug out the drive and roughed in the house area. Grins from ear to ear for the rest of the day. The excavating company was Pat Bruch Excavating, INC. IT’S REALLY HAPPENING! Such a long journey to get to this point. A LONG time coming.

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