Good Bye Cliffside…

Since our current house didn’t sell in the fall, we had it set up to go back on the market in March with a different realtor. Last Fall my friend, Lisa, was kind of enough to come over and take photos of the house as the horrible, first realtor we were using, simply used a basic camera and we didn’t even have the house staged properly for it. So Lisa and I spent a morning on getting really nice pictures that really showed the house off as it should be without exaggerating anything. The house went on the market and due to a, shall we say, ski loving driveway, we had people come and go for showings and continually comment on the driveway. Although we understand that a steep driveway going right into your garage is not for everyone (especially those with little cars), we handled the driveway fine for 15 years and never had to call the insurance company telling them we drove into our house.

The whole experience was kind of a nightmare and caused us a LOT of stress. We finally had an offer on the house and there were a LOT of expectations from the buyers. Long story short, we had to spend a good amount of money getting things fixed up and ready for the demanding buyers but we simply wanted this house off our books so we could move forward. As a word to the wise, if you have an older home, keep up with updates and keeping it fixed. Everything from radon testing to making sure the roof is in good condition. It will bite you in the ass at some point. We lived and learned.

In the mean time, we found a wonderful bank and representative to help us get our building loan. We still had a little snag with the price vs. assessed value but with a loving gift from my dad, we made ends meet and we closed on the loan on June 3rd. A long time coming and looking forward to some sanity in our lives.

We moved out of our Cliffside Ct home on June 25th and moved into an apartment. Now mind you, in the past three months we had been moving items into 2, yes 2 storage units. Having 15 years of stuff, even with 2 big purges, we had a lot to move out and keep in storage while our dream home was being built. Not to mention we were downsizing quite a bit by going into and apartment. I highly recommend doing at least 2 purges to make sure you get rid of and donate what you have not used in the last 2 years. And also think about if you want to get new items (like Christmas items and furniture) for the new house. We set up one storage unit of items that we knew we would not need at the apartment and wouldn’t need until we moved into the new house. The other storage unit was for over flow of the other unit plus items we might need or use at the apartment AND a pile of items that would be going to a rummage sale in July.

Here we come Brookfield apartment! Next stop, breaking ground at Three Oaks.

We used Two Men And A Truck for the 3rd time and they did an awesome job. We also bought a lot of hard, plastic totes for storage and kept all our boxes for the final move. No need to but or get more later.

I need to take a moment to give a shout out to our lovely neighbors of 15 years on Cliffside Ct. They were the best neighbors you could ever ask for . We will miss them dearly but we know once the house is built, we will be back to see them as our new land, well, is just a stones throw away from our old house.

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