Selections: Tile and Bathroom Fixtures

February’s fun and excitement of selections continued with Tile and Bathroom Fixtures. SO MUCH FUN!!! SOOOOO MANY CHOICES of tile! Holy Cow! Luckily there IS a budget and Brenda was awesome, once again using her expertise to help us out. This is a place you can certainly go over budget in a point of a finger. I LOVE that ONE!! But as long as you have a great designer, a great builder that budgets efficiently and understand there might be things down the road you want to splurge a little on, then you will be close if not under budget.

When we were at Designs in Marble Tile and Granite Showroom, we walked around first to get an idea of what each of us liked and then dug right in. We went room by room of the house with Brenda as she took all the notes and would pull tiles for us and grout samples to try with each. Who knew there were even different types of grout to use that would be have very little maintenance!? Well there is and of course we picked it.

Starting from the left; Upstairs bathroom, Mudroom/Laundry/Powder Room and then Master Bath. The last picture is from Brenda, an idea of what we want done in the Master Bathroom shower.

The Master Bath tile is super cool and unfortunately does not photograph well. It’s a rich dark brown with lots of character. We are most excited about seeing this tile. It was brand new and at the time, had not been used in any homes yet. The Mudroom tile is super cool too though. Lots of character and neutral colors that will be able to withstand the tests of time.

Next selection…Bathroom fixtures/ Plumbing!
Nothing to eventful for us at Able Kitchen & Bath Showplace. We wanted to keep the bathroom fixtures within budget if not under, except for the waterfall shower head that Neil had wanted from the get go. No need for self closing toilet seat lids or upgrading to all the fancy stuff. Keeping it nice and simple. The process was easy and they explained everything along with options. In the picture below we are looking at a very large computer screen behind the lovely Able team member with options of each item.

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