Selections – Exterior

Our first real ‘selection’ meeting was with the designer herself, Brenda.  We went over exterior items such as siding, windows, exterior doors, garage doors, roofing, dryer exhaust vent, exterior door hardware, exterior trim and accents.  It seemed to go pretty quick with her expertise.  We knew she would not steer us wrong.

This is when Pinterest really helps to pin point what you really like.  It also gives the designer an idea of where you are going with your ‘style’.  She showed us items that would be included in the budget and then of course, we liked things out of our budget.  Which is ok because there might be a way to customize an ‘in budget’ door to keep cost down.  We didn’t have to stay within that realm of budgeted items but we knew there might be items down the line that we would rather splurge on.

Brenda had a list of what we needed to pick out and had all the samples at the James Craig Builder office ready for us.  Who knew you needed to pick out the dryer exhaust!  We were trying to stay as close to the original exterior of Maple Forest Cottage but we also knew we didn’t want to deal with natural wood as there are wood peckers out there and we wanted to keep the house as maintenance free as possible.

HardiePlank & HardieShingle (Fiber Cement Siding) is what we decided to go with as siding.  Then it came to color choice. That was hard as we couldn’t get the real look and color of natural wood. We hope we came up with the right colors to do the cottage justice.  We will have both the regular horizontal siding and then shingle on the upper floor.


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