Selections – Stone

So when you are building a house, your builder will give you a detailed, itemized list of what is included in the build and what you are responsible for (‘By Owner’) purchasing outside of the building loan.  Every builder is probably different, so I won’t go into details of ours.  James Craig Builders set us up with a 3 ring binder that we can keep all things ‘House’.  We have a list of vendors that we and our designer, Brenda, need to make appointments with and others that we see on our own.  We also have sheets made up for notes when we do the walk-thru with the electrician and then then walk the house when it has been roughed in with builder.  It’s great to have these sheets at the beginning so you can keep writing down things you don’t want to forget at a later date.  Within the binder, we also have our house plans, AWA’s (Additional Work Authorizations), building contract, surveys, business cards and pricing sheets.

Onto selections! Since a large part of our plans call for stone work, we needed to pick out the stone before our first meeting with Brenda, our designer.  We went to Halquist Stone in Sussex, WI to look at all things stone.  It’s amazing what mother earth is made of.  The colors and shapes were all displayed in abundance.  Great showroom!

We really wanted to stay with the exterior look of the Maple Forest Cottage so we went with Old Barn stone.  It has color and dimension whether it’s dry or wet.  That is one thing to look at when picking out stone, how does it look dry and wet.  It makes a difference and can sway you from one stone to the next.

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