Fall into Spring

In the Fall of 2018, we had our house up for sale, had a garage sale after our big purge, was on Pinterest ( A LOT), AHL hockey started and planning for the next step in building.

We highly recommend going on Pinterest and visiting model homes to get ideas of what pinterest boardsyou like and also what you don’t like.  It is a good time for you and your significant other to see if your styles/likes match up.  I started a ton of Pinterest boards for the house.  I literally had boards for every room, indoor colors, outdoor colors and even ‘Just Because’.  You never know when you might need those extra ideas for decorating or helpful hints during the build.

We kept thinking that we need to name the property and having a ‘Home’ page on Pinterest was boring.  Yes it was going to be our new HOME but the land and house were deserving of a name.  We thought long and hard on it.  NOTHING came to mind. Then we thought about the characteristics of the land.  One major thing popped up…the three large oak trees at the East end of the property by the highway.  That was it!! Three Oaks!!  and we were building a cottage-like home.  So Three Oaks Cottage came to be.

So back on to Pinterest I went and created ‘Three Oaks – Ideas’ and ‘Three Oaks – Final’ along with ALL my other boards.  This gave me the chance to go through ALL my pins and narrow them down to final ‘Ideas’ for the house and then once my husband started pinning his own likes, going through my pins and then hopefully selection pictures, the ‘Final’ pins would end up in one place to easily reference back to.

Purging!  Just do it! It feels so much better to get rid of things you haven’t seen or used in the last year.  Items we knew we wouldn’t need were all put in storage.  We donated a lot to local charities and women centers after we had our garage sale.  This is how the day ended up…

Believe it or not we had about 20 people come out and most bought something including our lovely neighbors.

We are avid hockey people and season ticket holders for the Milwaukee Admirals.  Milwaukee Admirals GameThis was a great distraction from not being able to sell the house in the fall, firing our realtor and worrying about how all this building stuff was going to happen.  We knew we were ahead of the game and being proactive which included even looking at apartment and condo possibilities for once our house sells.  Find a few places that you like as you never know when your house will sell and how fast the sale will go.  And purging is part of being proactive for the move. Our best option was to sell the house as soon as we could and live in an apartment during the build of the new home.

Visiting home good stores, model homes and home improvement stores help with what we like and don’t like.  Consider it a date.  Take some time for yourselves with a hot cup of mocha or coffee and visit stores and take pictures of things you really like as a couple. Then stop off for some lunch and discuss what you both looked at.  Pin the items on Pinterest and call it a day.

Craig, our builder, kept us moving forward and excited about building our dream home.  As another nice distraction, we started our selections.

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