Clearing the land

We contracted with Bark River Tree Services back in October of 2018 to come out to the land and start clearing the drive, house site and some of the area around the site.  We had no clue how this was done and were happily surprised when we visited the land.  Mike from Bark River was there in his souped up front loader.  Man that thing was cool!

It was fitted with a drum that would eat up anything in its way.  And QUICKLY too!! We sat and watched this demolition from a distance.  We hated to see some of the smaller trees go but it had to be done in order to make the clearing.  All the little things we had originally found on the land like wood piles, rock piles, small pits and the glorious Oak tree were now completely visible and accessible.
Specialized BobCat to clear

Once he cleared an entrance, he got to work around the area that was lined out by James Craig Builders for the estimated house site.

Mike had the land cleared in a total of about three days (Oct 13 -15).  It happened so quickly.  This is when the surveyors could start coming in and Dave, the construction manager with James Craig Builders, could get a better idea of grading and such for the actual house placement.

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