Let the process begin…

…and that we did.  We worked with Craig and Jeff (Home Designer) on the Maple Forest Cottage plans we purchased from Architectural House Plans.  We wanted to have a main floor Master Suite and the original plan has it on second floor.  We also needed to update the floor plan allowing for a mudroom and 1st floor laundry room.  After a few meetings, we had the house plan.

One thing that was really hard for us was that we never saw this house in person and had no clue of room size or the flow.  We saw measurements on the plan but that didn’t put the size into perspective.  If we were to go back, we would have taped it all out room by room or visited model homes with a tape measure.  Although the house plans that Jeff, Craig and us created flow really nice on paper, we realized a few of the rooms (master suite included) were a little smaller than we would have liked.  In the long run though as we get older, I’m sure we will appreciate it greatly.

Another thing to remember as you work on your plans is to think of logistics and placing of furniture within a room.  You may realize you need to add a door here or an overhang there or windows up higher or even electrical outlets on the living room floor.  Thank god for my husband on that.  He even thought of adding a space on the patio right outside of the living room for fire wood.  Then we thought about the dogs.  Easy let in and out from multiple areas of the house.  What if the dog got skunked?  Add a tub with hot water in the garage and a kennel area for the dog to stay so the house didn’t smell.  Really think your lifestyle out during the planning process.  You could change a few things later but at a ‘change’ expense.

Still not having a building loan secured, Craig mentioned getting started on clearing the land.  Because the land was so overgrown with small trees and Buck Thorn, clearing it would help out in so many ways.  It would give us a better idea of view and placing of the house on the land.  Let the clearing begin!!

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