March Updates… even through a pandemic

In the beginning of March 2020 the Covid-19 took over our lives. The ‘Stay At Home’ act was set in place here in Wisconsin meaning those that were not running an essential business were to close their doors. Those employees were laid off and our world changed as we knew it. Social distancing, group numbers and sanitizing is now our new way of life. I work for a pet care center that includes a Veterinary Clinic, Central Bark day care, grooming and boarding so we are considered an essential business and still go into work daily. Although business is slow, our staff is amazing and doing everything they can to keep things safe for all. With that said, our house continues its build, an essential business.
March updates include the siding being completed, garage doors, HVAC and locks on the doors.

HVAC…when it comes to floor vents, take a look at where they are located and really think about their placement and if they could cause an obstacle when you have furniture in the room. We did this and found a few that had to moved as they were impeding on cabinetry in weird spots and didn’t want them in a spot where we knew would be walking close the wall. Sounds weird but trust me, you want to figure this out now before the insulation and drywall go up.

SIDING…we decided to go with HardiePlank. We were quite surprised when it was delivered and NOT the color we wanted. That’s ok, they paint it the color you want. I thought it came in the colors we picked. You should double check on this while in the process.

GARAGE DOORS…we really like the look of the doors. Little dilemma early on as if we should have two or three doors but went with two doors for a four plus car garage. Don’t forget, garage space is cheap, go all out. We even thought ahead and had a car charging port installed for the future. The other thing to think about is drainage. Decide what your plans are for what you might do inside the garage and plan the drains accordingly. We should have planned for a long drain but opted for one main drain close to the water source we have in the garage. Those little things you need to think long and hard on.

Next up…insulation!

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