And now the slow part…

It’s November 11th and realized I hadn’t posted anything in a while and for good reason. This is when progression slows down. However, an early snow fall on October 31st really threw everyone for a loop. Weather like this can put projects back which causes a chain reaction to all other projects.

We had a meeting with Dave and Troy from James Craig Builders on November 6th to go over our wish list, any questions we have and to sign off on our first AWA (change orders) for site work. It was a cold day and went over our ‘rough walk through’ list. Not a lot there. Just a few things that we are wishing for but to get them would depend on cost. We thought we could use an additional window that we took out of the living room and put in the shower but unfortunately it is a wood window and would not work in a shower environment. So they came up with an idea of putting in a smaller round, sky light type of thing to give us some more natural light in the shower. Sounds like a great option…but how much?

With acquiring some artwork at my brother-in-laws art show, Expo Chicago, we wanted a few niches in the wall to be able to hang and protect the artwork. Looking forward to seeing if this can happen easily enough. We already found the extra lights that we will need to properly showcase the artwork.

There are a few other items that came to mind and small changes to a few things but those will be surprises for you all.

Then on to the AWA #16 Sitework. This is where you find out if things went over budget during the initial construction. And ours sadly did. We need a lot of backfill and stone. We were surprised when we saw the totals but it’s something we need. They went under on a few things so that was good. But non the less, it’s hard to swallow a chunk of change that is to pay for something as simple as ‘dirt’ and ‘stone’. Wish it could have been something more exciting like cabinets or counter tops.

Now we wait for the roofers to complete their part and then things can start slowly happening again. At this point though with all the snow fall we have had, it’s a waiting game. I usually love snow, but this is ridiculous.

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