October 21 – 25

This week the carpenters were working what seemed to be 24/7. Windows were in, archways put up, roof line completed AND the septic was put in. We visited the house twice over the weekend. The first time to see the progress and the second time to have our friends, The Finke’s, take a look. They too were amazed at how quickly it went up and then we started to think about what we were going to do in each room and when we were going to start shopping for furniture. Love that girl (Lisa)! David does commercial construction and is a Journeyman and it was nice to see him looking around at detail and how things are done in the residential construction.

On October 26th, we got a head start on the day and decided to visit 3 stone companies to see what was out there for counter tops for the kitchen island. Needless to say, we have expensive taste as we kept picking out the Bugatti of counter tops. However, we learned by the third place that there could be alternatives. The below slabs are what we liked. Fusion (very bottom right, something from Saturn) is our favorite but the most expensive and extremely over budget. The nice thing is, we won’t be picking these out until later in the process and will have other slab options later. We definitely recommend going to multiple places and each company will have different slabs of the same stone.

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