We’ve got land.

Back in May of 2017 we were driving home and noticed a ‘For Sale By Owner’ sign along the highway.   Thinking nothing of it and just curious, we pulled into the partially overgrown driveway.   Trees and shrubs and LOTS of them nestled beyond a moraine next to the road.  Hmmm  Looks like cool land for somebody to build on.  I wonder what the story is as they cleared some area and seemed to have a few trails cut.  So we called the number.

The owner was going to build their retirement home there but due to health and family reasons, they had to stop construction.  Their son was still using the land in the back for shooting clay targets.  ‘Land in the back’?  How much land is there?   The owner was kind enough to send information on the land and gave us the MLS number to look it up online.  Still just curious and something to do on a rainy day, we looked it up. 12 Acres butting up to a conservancy and 100 year flood plane.  Originally farm land with three huge oak trees on it.  Can’t imagine farming on this land but, someone did a long time ago.  

A few days later the owner allowed us to drive on the land and walk it.  The trails weaved us through the trees and down the moraine into an open space facing the 100 yr flood plane.  And there it was, an amazing view of land and hills.  Not a house in site.  We were hooked.  The wheels were turning and we couldn’t get this property off our minds for weeks.

By July 2017 we were the proud owners of…land.  What did we do?

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