The Dream…

Back in 2001, my husband and I came across a Better Homes & Garden Special Interest Edition; Home Plans magazine with a glorious house on the front cover.  Swooping rooftop, craftsman style details and located in the woods.  Heaven!  THAT is where we wanted to live someday.  THAT magazine has been with us ever since.  Three moves later and we always asked, ‘Where is the magazine?’  Always knowing exactly what each of us meant by ‘THE magazine’.  Often stored in our safe, our dream home ‘to be’ would forever be just that…a dream.

The magazine sported the Maple Forest Cottage on the cover.  A 3 bedroom, 3.5 bath, two story, 2740 square foot home boasting a vast, wrap around deck to look over the gorgeous views ( which you should clearly have when building this house).  Arched windows on the second floor and a screened in porch with views in all directions.

We hoped that one day that would be our dream home but never thought it would be possible or that we would even find the land worthy of this gorgeous dwelling.  Who knew that right in our back yard we would find that land perfect for the Maple Forrest Cottage.  And this is where our journey begins back in 2017.


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