The Next Stage…Drywall

The drywall (Rockers as they call them) was started on April 17, 2020. This is just the first step of the three plus week process to complete the walls for painting. We were amazed by how much drywall was stacked everywhere AND that they had to bring it all in by hand! Crazy!! I didn’t get the name of the company but these guys were super nice and worked fast. Like I have done with the rest of the people working on the house, I apologized. All those steep vaulted ceiling, niches and arches, I’m sure this house is either their worst nightmare or a wonderful challenge. I took pictures during the process so I could record the progress. From our experience, they first did all the ceiling in each room and closet along with a few harder spots. Then they started working on the upstairs and a few of the smaller rooms downstairs. The blue sheet rock is for the bathrooms and dealing with humidity. Then they tackled the large rooms and the living room. They had quite a good system going. As one guy was yelling out numbers in Spanish, another would be cutting pieces, sanding the edge and then handing it to the guy that asked for it. Boom, Boom, Boom!

April 21. 2020

One thing to remember and not get upset about, anyone that works on your house will use your electric. I have heard this before and was appalled but realized that first of all, they are working extremely hard and for them to use a microwave is really no big deal in the greater scheme of things.

April 22

April 25th

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