Two Weeks Of Building…

October 5th 2019

Not much to really say at this point with more walls going up and trusses set into place, except WOW! So much happens in one weeks time. They had one full week of working between raindrops and then the next week they lucked out and had lots of sun. Every time we stop by the house and see the progress we start imagining more and more of how the house will look. Once again, Craig from James Craig Builders did say that the house will go through phases of looking small then big then small and so on. At this point, things look a little small until you start measuring things out. For instance, our Master Bedroom looked tiny. We were really worried until we went back with a tape measure and measured out our King size bed. All is well. So don’t panic during this phase. Take it as it comes but this a good time to really start looking around and making notes about things you notice that you aren’t quite sure about or notes on where you might be putting things. We noticed a window that was in a place for no rhyme or reason. We asked to have it removed from the plan and all is well. The windows were already ordered but we will keep it for something as we already paid for it.
Mom also came to visit and was amazed by how far along the house was. We love showing people the house. Everyone has such wonderful ideas and comments about it.

October 13th 2019

Today we stopped after a week of sunshine and much better weather. HOLY COW do these guys work fast. Main level walls, second level flooring, more trusses and even more eaves. Such an incredible feeling! We were cold but our excitement rang through and warmed us up. Did a lot of measuring to get a better idea of things.

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