And now we build up!!

After finally having the back fill 95% completed, they were able to have the lumber packages delivered. Once the carpenters from M/C Builders are done with their current job, they can start on our project.

On September 24th, M/C Builders started building the house!! It is so exciting to see the next step happening. I would love to stop by every day to see the progress and how they do things, but we have to work and will get there to check things out as we can.

The first few days was setting up the floor joists and then completing the sub floor. Next comes the delivery of the tresses. Wish I could be there for that. Then M/C Builders keeps building up from there.

At this point, the baton was passed from Dave (Director of Construction) to Troy (Builder). Troy will be the main contact (builder) at this point. Can’t wait to meet him.

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